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Updating windows product key

Right from the start I make sure the customer purchases the proper licensing from Microsoft – It only takes one call from an angry employee to cause the company a world of grief.In these situations it is nice to change the machine to a valid serial number without having to totally re-install the operating system. Select your country from the drop down menu and follow the instructions. Also, you can click on ‘Add features to your edition’ to add more features to your Windows 8. So now that you’ve activated your Windows 8, what do you plan to do next ? You’ve successfully activated your Windows 8 Product key.You can enter a product key during an automated installation of Windows® by including it in your answer file.

It pays to have a valid serial number on all of your machines – in more ways than just keeping the BSA happy.After you’ve installed Windows 8 on your computer, you will realize that there is no direct way in the computer properties to enter the product key. Press Windows key C ( or move the mouse to extreme top right corner ) to invoke the charm bar. You will get a confirmation message once your product key has been activated successfully. Once you’ve entered your product key, run the following command to activate it : -ato 7.

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Next, create a Windows 10 installation disc or USB stick and run it on your system.

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