Updating 1920 s home wiring six singles dating

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Updating 1920 s home wiring

CTA In unaltered buildings built since about 1940, the electrical system islikely to be intact and safe, although it may not provide the capacity requiredfor the planned reuse of the building.Electrical capacity can be easilyincreased by bringing additional capacity in from the street and adding a largerpanel board between the service entry and the existing panel.The wiring providing power to the refrigerator, also serves the lighting, and probably other receptacles in the kitchen.

There is absolutely no protection whatsoever when a fault occurs.

Contact Information: Phone: 607-773-1519 Fax: 607-773-4731 E-Mail: [email protected]: 1278 Vestal Avenue Binghamton, New York 13903 Visit us on Facebook I recently bought a house built in 1940 that had a new electrical service installed, but whenever the refrigerator starts up the lights dim.

Should this be happening with a new electrical service?

Parts of these older systems mayfunction very adequately and they can often be retained if the rehabilitation isnot extensive and the load-carrying capacity is adequate.

A thorough and informed assessment of the electrical system will determinethe extent to which it can be reused.

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Existing circuitscan continue to use the existing panel and new circuits can be fed through thenew panel.