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Mortgage Outlet, Inc., The, Defendant, represented by Eldon J Spencer, Jr , Leonard, O'Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd, Stacey L Drentlaw , Leonard, O'Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd & Daniel J Supalla , Briggs & Morgan, PA. and powers, and shall perform all the functions and duties . 1983) (citations omitted) ("Although the language of § 108 refers only to the trustee, it is generally agreed that the debtor-in-possession is also entitled to the statute's privileges."); Civ. Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc., Defendant, represented by Eldon J Spencer, Jr , Leonard, O'Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd, James M Jorissen , Leonard, O'Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd, Stacey L Drentlaw , Leonard, O'Brien, Spencer, Gale & Sayre, Ltd & Daniel J Supalla , Briggs & Morgan, PA. § 1107(a) (stating that "a debtor in possession shall have all the rights . Our investment partners have included leading financial institutions, major state pension funds, retail investors and high net worth individuals.In re: RFC and Res Cap Liquidating Trust Litigation This document relates to: Residential Funding Company, LLC v. 13-cv-3491 (DWF/HB) Residential Funding Company, LLC v. 13-cv-3497 (PAM/FLN) Residential Funding Company, LLC v. Decision One Mortgage Company, LLC and HSBC Finance Corporation, No. And, because the date upon which any Defendant allegedly breached Section A201(M) is a question of fact that goes beyond the pleadings, the Court cannot resolve the issue at this stage of the proceedings. As discussed above, this Court has rejected Defendants' argument that RFC's continuing obligation theory is not properly pled in this case.

Brena graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. 14-cv-143 (ADM/TNL) Residential Funding Company, LLC v. 14-cv-1716 (DWF/JJK), Residential Funding Company, LLC v. Accordingly, it is plausible from the face of the First Amended Complaint that the statute of limitations for a claim based on a loan sold to RFC prior to May 14, 2006 would not begin to run until after May 14, 2006. The courts in the prior adjudications rejected RFC's statute of limitations argument based on the continuing obligation theory, not because they found it to be an inviable legal theory, but because RFC had not properly alleged a claim based on that theory in its complaint. 14-cv-1737 (MJD/JSM), Residential Funding Company, LLC v. 14-cv-1739 (PAM/JJK), Residential Funding Company, LLC v. 14-cv-3093 (PJS/BRT), Residential Funding Company, LLC v. Residential Funding Company, LLC, Plaintiff, represented by Anthony Alden , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, David Elsberg , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, David L Hashmall , Felhaber Larson, Donald G Heeman , Felhaber Larson, Edward P Sheu , Best & Flanagan LLP, Gabriel F Soledad , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Isaac Nesser , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Jeffrey A Lipps , Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP, Jennifer A L Battle , Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP, Johanna Ong , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, Marnie E Fearon , Felhaber Larson, Matthew R Scheck , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Peter E. Moreover, RFC has sufficiently pled causation: RFC alleged in Paragraphs 21 and 25(b) of the First Amended Complaint that Defendants had a continuing notification obligation to RFC and that such obligation constituted a representation and warranty; RFC alleged in Paragraph 21 that "[Defendants] ha[ve] continually breached this obligation, including through to the present, by failing to inform RFC of the loan defects"; RFC incorporated by reference all allegations in those paragraphs into its claim for breach of contract; and RFC alleged in Paragraph 102 that it "has suffered loss, harm, and financial exposure directly attributable to [Defendants'] material breaches." Defendants' reliance on Def.'s Mem. In that case, the court rejected RFC's argument that the defendants continually breached their duty to notify RFC of problems with the loans because the argument was raised for the first time at oral argument and was not pled in the complaint. While the complaint did recite the contractual language imposing a duty on the defendants to notify RFC of any act, occurrence, or omission that may materially affect the loan, the court found that reference to be insufficient to state a claim because "nothing in the amended complaints gave defendants fair notice that RFC was making the claim that defendants breached this provision anew each and every day that they failed to notify RFC of a pre-existing problem of a loan." As discussed above, however, the First Amended Complaint in this case did allege that Defendants "continually breached" their notification obligation, "including through to the present," and it did adequately plead causation. Defendants also argue that RFC's claims based on loans sold prior to May 14, 2006 are barred by collateral estoppel because such claims have been held to be time-barred in six prior cases from this District. And, now that RFC has pled a claim for Defendants' breach of a continuing notification obligation, whether the statute of limitations has run as to its claims based on loans purchased prior to May 14, 2006 is a different issue. Calamari , Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, Richard R Voelbel , Felhaber Larson, Ryan A Olson , Felhaber Larson, Jessica J Nelson , Felhaber Larson & Daniel R Kelly , Felhaber Larson. As for the loans sold prior to that date, the continuing obligation theory that RFC advances is not based on Defendants' alleged failure to fulfill pre-suit remedial obligations, but rather is based on Defendants' alleged breaches of a representation and warranty under Section A201(M) that they "`[would] promptly notify GMAC-RFC of any occurrence, act, or omission regarding [Defendants], the Loan, the Mortgaged Property or the Mortgagor of which [Defendants] ha[ve] knowledge, which . Academy Mortgage Corporation, Defendant, represented by David M Souders , Weiner Brodsky Kider PC, Tessa K Somers , Weiner Brodsky Kider PC, Daniel J Supalla , Briggs & Morgan, PA & James L Forman , Oberman Thompson, LLC. of a trustee serving in a case under [Chapter 11]"); 719 F.2d 270, 278 n.11 (8th Cir.

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Although the terms of Wells Fargo’s deal weren't made public, the trust has now recovered just under $400 million through settlements, according to the people familiar with the matter. 9, recoveries had totaled $237 million, according to the trust’s financial disclosures. Department of Justice sued Barclays for allegedly deceiving investors who bought mortgage-backed securities.

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