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The Iceman is the name given to the mummified body of a was found in near a glacier near the border of Italy and Austria.He is the best-preserved prehistoric man ever discovered with his own equipment and clothing.[Source: Stephen Hall, National Geographic, July 2007; Bob Cullem Smithsonian, February 2003; David Roberts, National Geographic, June 1993 ] The Iceman lived in 3300 B. Some have called the discovery of Otzi one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. With the exception of missing toenails, all but one fingernail and an outer layer of skin the Iceman is otherwise perfectly reserved.C., according to radiocarbon dating, which places him in between Copper and Bronze Age, when metals were first regularly used for tools and weapons. His body and the tools and clothes found with him have given great insight into a people and age of which little is known in details never preciously imagined.

Ever since a pair of hikers stumbled upon his astonishingly well-preserved frozen body in the Alps in 1991, Ötzi has become one of the most-studied ancient human specimens.The study was focused on proteins found in two brain samples from Ötzi, recovered with the help of a computer-controlled endoscope.Of the 502 different proteins identified, 10 were related to blood and coagulation, the researchers said.You’ll be able to manage videos in your Watchlist, keep track of your favorite shows, watch PBS in high definition, and much more!You've just tried to select this program as one of your favorites.

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Now, through an autopsy like none other, scientists will attempt to unravel mysteries about this ancient mummy, revealing not only the details of í–tzi's death but also an entire way of life. Join NOVA as we defrost the ultimate time capsule—the 5,000-year-old man. On a remote mountainside, high in the European Alps, a man makes his way through the thin mountain air. On this day, 3,000 years before the birth of Christ, this man's life will end in a violent death.

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