Ms access update query not updating table

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Ms access update query not updating table

When you need to update data from one table to another, consider the following rule: the data types for the source and destination fields must either match or be compatible.PARAMETERS [Enter Year:] Long; SELECT account Name, account Holder, year, FROM ((Accounts a INNER JOIN Transaction Statements ts1 ON a.account ID = ts.account ID) 'AND month = 1 (This isn't allowed for some reason?

) WHERE ts1.month = 1 AND ts2.month = 2 AND ts1= ([Enter Year:]) AND ts2= ([Enter Year:]) But once again the result becomes non-updatable as soon as I add the second INNER JOIN.

Data from separate (but related) tables, without needing to duplicate anything in the contacts table.

Access queries are very powerful, allowing you to view, insert, delete, and calculate records and fields from numerous tables in your database.

I've looked at this MS help page, but it hasn't helped me figure out the right way to do this.

It suggests Forms as an alternative, but building a custom form in Access appears to be an even more arcane and convoluted process than writing views. Recordsets Are Updateable Under Certain Conditions Some queries, especially those involved in a Join, will not be updateable under some conditions, but will be under others.

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Bookmark this page Simply put, a query is a way to combine information stored in separate tables to avoid duplication in the tables themselves.