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Mac os x boot caches updating

This will force the system to run a drive check and clear some system caches.

When done, reboot your Mac normally to see if the problems persist.

OK, I am now able to reach the command prompt: I booted the HDD installation with -v -s User Kernel Cache=Yes But every time I try to run a command (e.g. I always get the still waiting for root device error.. I doubt grabbing and mkext from snowleo will work as the binary in the file will be from different kext's which will probably result in a KP.

a simple one like mkdir /test/) it says "Read only file system". how about grabbing a mkext from another installation like Snow Leo and sticking that in where the other used to be? I suggest taking a picture of the screen that you are left with and the contents of your /Extra folder, info can only help!

Mac OS X uses a boot-time optimization (effectively a smart read-ahead) that monitors the pattern of incoming read requests to a block device (the boot disk), and sorts the pattern into a "playlist", which is used to cluster reads into a private cache.

This "boot cache" is then used for satisfying incoming read requests, if possible.

I cannot get past it, even with using different startup parameters (-f, -x, etc). I don't know about the kernel cache, but the extension caches can be done by deleting /Extra/Extensions.mkext Type rm -R /Extra/Extensions.mkext. I tried to boot from the installation DVD and start the terminal.

Simply hold down the D key while starting up your Mac to boot into the Apple Hardware Test.

Sometimes on a Mac, the PRAM (parameter RAM) and NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) can become corrupt and cause various problems.

This page contains a brief description of the Mac's firmware (analogous to the PC BIOS in many respects), the bootloader, and the typical Mac OS X boot up sequence.

There are significant differences between how older (68k, "Old World" Power Macs) and newer (everything currently, but essentially "New World" machines with Open Firmware 3.x that ROM from a file) boot. The firmware is not part of Mac OS X, but it plays an important role in the operation of the machine, and is useful in debugging. Open Firmware () is a non-proprietary, platform (CPU and system) independent boot firmware.

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Such drivers usually exist in the expansion ROM of expansion cards that are needed before the operating system has loaded.

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