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Six years ago, at age 70, Brooker tried a new approach to her love life: online dating. Adults over 55 are far more flexible in their approach to companionship. had at 55 when they are in their 60s or 70s except perhaps for wishful thinking.

Only the written Word of the prophets and apostles occupies inspired canonical status, but the subsequent preaching of ministers communicates exactly the same Word, illuminated by the very same Spirit.She asked if they could option the novel for a feature film.After I checked them out and saw they were very reputable, I said yes and hired Patti Felker, an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles to negotiate the contract. They had an almost deal with Universal but then passed: “No one wants old,” they were told.The new creation is effected in the church but not by the church; like the faith and new birth of its members, it is a creation of God’s Word ().Conceived by hearing, the church never stops receiving its redemption and its identity from the living voice of God. God’s Word is never inactive or ineffectual; by the Spirit’s power, it always accomplishes what the Father has spoken in his Son (Isa. There is no opposition here between divine and human action.

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She falls for Marv, a 75-year-old diamond dealer and they have a passionate affair — but Anny soon discovers that he’s a serial online dating-service customer, that he can’t face aging, and he’s on the prowl for younger women.

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