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Known for their fast action and big sound, the Artist series of saxophones quickly found favor among big bang and jazz musicians alike.

First introduced in 1935, the Artist series of saxophones remained in production until 1971, when Conn exited the professional saxophone market to focus on student and intermediate models.

It does not pertain to those models which were marketed under the Gladiator, American Standard, or other trademarks. Super 20’s were made with brazed-on toneholes until the early 1970’s (the same way Martins were).

I personally think that Conn imported this body from France, but no body markings or other information is known, thus highly doubtful.

But if you ever get a chance to play one of these horns do it, you will not be disappointed by the huge tone.

Note: From 1987, the prefix number plus 50 gives you the year of manufacture.

The years 1967 to March 1974 (when Conn moved their brass manufacturing to Abilene, Texas), is a period where at least some of the instruments were inferior in quality In March of 1974 an alpha-numeric system was established: The first character of the serial number indicated the decade; The remaining numbers indicated the production number within the month.

From 1987 on, the two-digit prefix number plus 50 will give you the year of manufacture.

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