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CAE Amsterdam is not in the top 3 list because part of their course is done in the USA, something I want to avoid. Just outside Netherlands , Germany: Lufthansa and Daughters are also closed. First of all I am not Dutch, and the main reason I am only considering the Netherlands is because I am a customer at a Duch bank, it is easier for me to pay for my training there instead of another country, plus I got relatives there who can help me with the accomodation part.Has anyone had any past experience with one or more from the FTOs I mentioned above, which one would you recommend, and why. What is wrong about having your training in another country via a Dutch FTO? But since you have such a big debt , you have to pay the bank between 800-1000 euro interest per month. Have about 900 people who are hired but waiting for training on waiting list. For further information, I suggest you to check Airwork - Piloten Portal - Home about DFA, MFA, Stella, AIS. The main reason I want to do all the training in one place is because I have the choice to, and I can avoid flying over the atlantic and back just to save a couple of months from the two years of training.Tell me what improvements you’d like to see in the comments below.

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Lastly, how good is the reputation and success in training. If that is already a problem because you are to far from your fam and friends, then dont even consider a carreer in aviation. But because you will start paying interest over full amount of loan from day one plus living expenses, you will end up with a debt of around 150 to 160K. There is enough written about these schools on that forum. The only one at the moment of those which is considerable is AIS, since they have own airline AIS Airlines. A job security if you make it through the whole training. Other way is do your training outside the Netherlands. I know it will cost me to a lot of money, but based on the discussions I had with many pilots, all of them said the same thing, do your trainig from zero to ATPL at one place, one school, this is the golden rule.

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