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Anderson cooper dating

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Out of the Running to be is announcing a permanent co-host, sharing, "We really didn't set a time frame for ourselves.We just wanted to wait until we found the right person. If that's true, maybe it's possible that Maisani and Cooper have an understanding?The story came up when Cohen, apropos of nothing, reminded Ripa that Cooper's mom is the famous socialite and fashion icon, Gloria Vanderbilt.They were encouraged to marry last year by Anderson's mother, designer Gloria Vanderbilt.She reportedly helped the pair patch up their relationship after they struggled with conflicting work schedules.'I've also wanted to retain some privacy for professional reasons.

Okay, so it's kiiind of a long shot, but let me tell you the details and you can be the judge:• Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen both instagrammed the exact same sunset from the same position last night. (Okay, that's a point for "friends on vacation.")• There's a conspiracy that the scandalous photos of Coop's boyfriend making out with another man were stages and sent in by his boyfriend. Cheating trampire Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman for being a cheating trampire. I know the affair she had was with the director of said movie, but ..IS Snow White? There may not be enough proof to say they are definitely in love, but, oh, what a wonderful gay media power couple they'd make!"In 2001 I spent 5 months with Kristen Stewart on the set of Panic Room mostly holed up in a space the size of a Manhattan closet.WATCH: Anderson Cooper Says Andy Cohen Broke His 'Cardinal Rule' of Dating After 'Two Minutes' "Just staring into his dreamy blue eyes, and his Katniss Everdeen-like hair on fire," he joked.And when he was asked about what the worst part of dating Cooper would be, Cohen didn't hold back. "It's true." As for who he'd like to set up Lady Gaga With, Cohen also had an interesting answer. WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Andy Cohen Blushes Talking About Boyfriend ET spoke with Cohen at NBCUniversal’s Television Critics Association in January, when he blushed talking about his own beau, whom he calls "Brazilian Andy Samberg." “[It’s going] great, really good,” he shared.

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